Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

No! We believe that all dancers are equal so their training should be too! All dancers will be trained based on skill set and age. Choreography rehearsals for competitive dancers are in addition to regular training.

The cost depends upon a number of factors: how proficient do you want to be, which classes do you want to take, the number of classes, days, and weeks in your dance schedule, etc. Your dance instructor will recommend the most suitable program for your dancer.

Yes, in most cases we welcome dancers anytime throughout the season. However, it is important for dancers to have a certain level of skills in order to perform. If you are not sure feel free to talk to us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your dancer.

Our schedule runs from January to October to accommodate everyones busy schedules. Additionally, August is generally a stressful time for children. They are starting a new grade and getting new school schedules. Classes remain constant at dance at that time and then change in January when they are bored and looking for a new challenge. Another plus to this schedule is that it allows dancers to take off during the holidays and focus on family time!

Currently we have classes for ages 18 months-12 yrs.

Of course! Dancers are encouraged to take as many classes as they want wherever they want. Dancers are not however to compete with Project Dance and another team during the same season.